Todd Fincannon

Deploying System Dynamics and Excel models on Windows, Mac, mobile, and web

About Todd Fincannon

Live in the future, then build what's missing.

Paul Graham
I work with your team to get your models out into the world. We design a user interface that makes your model easy to understand and interact with. Then we turn it into a web application, installable Windows and Mac apps, a mobile app—or maybe all of the above.
Unique tools that I developed turn your Vensim model into C code, or translate your Excel spreadsheet into JavaScript on the fly. This allows your model to be embedded in a custom, cross-platform user interface. We can run your Vensim model on Linux using Ventana software too.


My recent work has focused on using HTML5 and JavaScript to make apps that run on web, Windows, and Mac using the same code base. The SDEverywhere tool that I developed with Climate Interactive is an open source project that converts Vensim models into C code that can run fast on both desktop computers and web servers. I developed another tool that translates Excel spreadsheets into JavaScript embedded in a web page, seen here in a World Wildlife Fund web app. The Policy Solutions web apps take yet another approach, running a Vensim model on a Linux server using the Ventana multicontext shared library. Finally, I do iOS apps too!


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