I co-founded three startups. The third one was venture-backed with a great team that led to acquisition in under four years. My job there was to develop a web application platform that could be easily customized for large customers. My work ranged from designing a secure, high availability data center for payment processing, all the way through to the HTML presentation layer.

My previous two startups developed shrink-wrap software. I focused on the user interface and wrote the documentation. The second startup delivered award-winning network management products, shipped software included in Microsoft products, and was acquired in 1999.

My focus since leaving my last company in 2008 has been developing mobile applications, first for Android, and later focusing on iOS. I have also taken the time to explore functional programming in Common Lisp and Clojure. My strong interest in climate change led to work with Climate Interactive to deploy their climate model to an iPhone / iPad simulator app for the general public.