How to update Nook books

Science fiction author Rudy Rucker has published his Complete Stories at his new Transreal Press. I downloaded it from the Nook Book Store. But when he updated the book, I couldn’t see how to get the new version on my Nook Simple Touch. I finally figured out a workaround.

There’s one big caveat though: if you update a book, you will lose your notes and bookmarks for it.

1. Go the Library of content on your Nook.

2. Double-tap on the book you want to update. (If you single tap, you will open the book.)

3. Tap the Archive button. This will remove the book from your Nook. Like all the books you purchase from the Nook Book Store, it is still stored in your online account at B&N. Tap OK to proceed.

4. Now tap Unarchive to get the book back on your device. It will download the latest version, updating the book.

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