Philips LED lamp is the real deal

I’ve been using compact fluorescent bulbs for 20 years, back when they were a fringe item at Real Goods. I’ve been trying the new LED lamps for several years with uniformly disappointing results. Until now.

LED lamps use white LEDs, which emit “cool white” light with a bluish tint that many people find unpleasant. This is the same problem that compact fluorescent lights had until recently.

The big problem with LED lights is that they just aren’t very bright. Buyer beware: a “40W equivalent” or “60W equivalent” lamp probably isn’t.

That’s why the new Philips LED lamp from the EnduraLED line is such an exciting development. It really is 60W equivalent–a full 800 lumens. And the light is soft white. I’d say the light is not quite as warm as an incandescent bulb, but it’s pretty close.

When I first saw the package, I thought it must be a spotlight because of the opaque yellow sides. But when you turn on the light, the whole bulb illuminates in soft white light.

Philips 12 watt LED bulb

This lamp only seems to be available at Home Depot in the US so far. It’s pricey at $40, but then it should last 30,000 hours or over ten years. The Philips part number is 409904. If anybody can find an alternate source, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Philips 12 watt (60W equivalent) A19 Ambient LED Soft White Light Bulb at Home Depot

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